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Sewerage Drainage

All the wastewater drains in your home from your bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and en-suites, as well as your toilets, all drain into your sewerage system.

Blocked sewers are an unsightly problem and health hazard that need to be fixed immediately. The cause of many blockages is often a result of:
  • The collapse of old clay pipe work, which many older sewers were constructed with;
  • Tree roots finding their way into sewerage pipes; and
  • The flushing of inappropriate items in the toilet or down the drain.
Whether it's your toddler flushing their toy car or just that pesky neighbours tree getting into your sewer, it's usually a quick and straightforward sewer jetter job to clear the line. This involves the plumber using a high pressure water jetting machine which cuts any debris build up in the pipework and clears the blockage. A sewer jetter is a modern replacement to the older style electric eel. It's much more efficient and quicker solution saving you time and money.

Pickering Plumbing is also experienced in providing clients requiring a full sewer rebuild, which includes digging up and replacement of your old clay sewer pipes, relaying of PVC pipe work and reconnection to you existing plumbing. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Stormwater Drainage

Ensuring your home or business has adequate drainage in the form of guttering, downpipes and drainage systems connected to your storm water service is crucial to prevent water damage during periods of heavy rain or flood.

Many older homes in Sydney's Inner West, City, Eastern and Northern suburbs suffer from damp problems, particularly in the winter months, due to insufficient downpipes and water not adequately draining away from the property and into the storm water service. This can be easily fixed and could be a good first step before undertaking extensive dampcourse installations as part of a major renovation.

Newer properties using wastewater and rainwater tanks also should consider how drainage systems are connected with tanks to ensure you are capturing the maximum amount of water.

Pickering Plumbing can assist with all your sewerage and stormwater drainage requirements, contact us today for an obligation free quote.
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